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Thank you for your interest in our ironing-machine TUBIE« and for your visit to our website.

The ironing-machine TUBIE« was designed for the usage with washable outer wear. You can dry and iron shirts, blouses, summer-/winterjackets, t-shirts, skirts and trousers (without pleats), etc. with the TUBIE« ironing-machine. (For trousers, you need to change the top attachment.)

During the last 5 years, more than 2000 pieces have been deployed worldwide in laundries, dry-cleaning-facilities, nursing homes, and hotels and have successfully proven of value.

No other device offers such a great range of possible applications while maintaining the excellent cost/performance ratio of the TUBIE« ironing-machine.

Even the handling is effortless. Draw wettish textile onto machine, affix tautening clips (for tightening even the difficult parts), switch on electronic timer, and you're done. The drying and ironing process begins.

Notice: Not every piece of textile is of equal quality and processing. Thus, tautening clips are attached to the ironing-machine TUBIE« in order to deal with difficult parts of the clothing. For an easy inspection of the drying process, the device is rotatable and can be adjusted in it's height.

With the ironing-machine TUBIE«, there is no need for a warm-up time. The temperature automatically adjusts to the material. After finishing of the electronic timeout and a chillout-cycle (anti-creasing-cycle), the device turns off automatically.

During the development of the ironing-machine TUBIE«, the 35-years experience with professional machines for treatment of textiles were authoritative.

The production outcome of the ironing-machine TUBIE« has never been intended to be an object of visual art or a furniture for the living room. Instead, it is intended to be a true helper for your housework. For household implements, the cost/performance ratio should always have priority.

Technical data:
Connected Load: 3320 Watt, 220V/50Hz (Fuse: 16 Amp.)
Weight: 16,5 kg

We wish you a lot of enjoyment and a facile work with the ironing-machine TUBIE«.

Sincerely Yours,
The TUBIE« Team
Hauptstrasse 15
D-85276 Hettenshausen